France Angie Intl Beauty Medical College Pharmaceutical (HK) Ltd, established in 1982, is the first professional beauty school of medicine integrating pharmaceutical factory, R & D and manufacturing of beauty medical equipment, specialist outpatient service stations for skin repair and international joining and training centers.

 Angie Company possesses experienced professional physicians, pharmacists, skin repair experts, experienced clinical medicine beauticians and optical and electrical expert team.

 In the principle of safety and effectiveness, the company insists on using natural materials without additives and side effect. After years of painstaking research and development, the company has had repair series cosmetic medicine products, health care products and beautify and medical instruments, etc of its own brand [Angie]. At present, [Angie] repair series products researched and developed by Angie Company have been sold in many countries and regions.

[Angie] pure herbal repair products have rapid curative effects on damaged mucous membrane, epidermis and dermis.

[Angie] cosmeceutical herb repair series skin care products and makeup are natural without additives, and they can effectively ameliorate skin problems and allergic reaction to makeup.

[Angie] health care pure herbal series products can balance yin and yang, high and low pressure, and improve the self-healing ability of human body to diseases, increase physical ability and resist aging.

The beauty instruments of Angie Company researched and developed by skin repair experts and optical and electrical experts with sole patent can achieve repairing the problem of skin at the same time not damaging normal cells. 

In the special skin repair specialist outpatient clinic of Angie Company, registered medical practitioners are on diagnostics, combining the medical science and modern beauty perfectly, effectively ameliorating all kinds of problems detracting beauty by internal regulating and external treating.

Angie Company International Joining and Training Center provides the series training integrating products, technologies and instruments.

Sincerely invite you to join us, tel.: 852-95883895    86-755-25103117

Outpatient clinic in Hong Kong: Whole Floor, Block A, No.1 Building, Fulin Building, No. 6 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong TEL:852—95883895
Outpatient clinic in mainland: Room C, 2/F, Building D, Haifu Garden, No. 1017 East Shennan Road, Shenzhen City TEL:0755—25103117