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Prevention tattoo pigment synthesis complications

Date:2012年12月7日 16:30

In recent years, the rapid development of tattoo beauty items, but the tattoo pigment poisoning, allergies, rejection and other complications attendant integrated, and often associated with the tattoo beauty incidents seen in the media. Tattoo pigment poisoning, allergies, and other integrated common complication following rejection symptoms: itching, hyperplasia, swelling, inflammation, blistering, crusting, peeling and so on.


A Cause

1, chemically synthesized or chemically refined "food coloring" is toxic, food coloring in food and medicine in a small amount of use as an additive, absorbed by the body can be excreted, so little effect. But once the toxic pigment is pierced body can not be discharged in time, it will produce pigment poisoning.

2, generated by the chemical reaction chromatic mixing - extracted from the dyes of different colors from different substances, they have different molecular structure, may be produced when mixed together and release energy conversion, and converted to a new color. Once the energy generated by the chemical reaction to break through the cell membrane, cells will be destroyed due to death, causing inflammation. The market made a part of the beauty salon "turn chromatic color to the brow" that fall into this category.

3, more than the shelf life of the pigment will deteriorate, making the pigment itself increased toxicity.

4, organic pigments excessive bacteria and toxins produced.

5, in pigments admixed anesthetic or hemostat produced chemical reaction, will make cell poisoning and inflammation.

6, the customer's physical weakness, sensitive, low immunity, reducing the number of lymphocytes and white blood cells, so that the toner and toxic poisoning of cells can not be surrounded by phagocytic cells and excreted through the lymphatic system.

7, the heat would be chemical pigment sunshine and high temperatures generated by the catalytic effect, so that their molecular motion acceleration, increase energy, strengthen destructive.

8, eat irritation food, will make the body's blood flow acceleration and energy increases, the chemical pigment production and diffusion of strenuous exercise, the opportunity is destroyed cells also increased, which appeared lesions.


Second, the onset time

1, there is the problem of the large number of pigment directly penetrate deep into the skin, so then after tattoo inflammation, and can not be dissipated.

2, large piercing but not too deep, to go through a period of penetration, over dozens of days complications may occur even after several decades.

3, the amount of piercing is not too deep, the energy toxins small, weak damage, may life can not penetrate deep into the skin, and therefore will not show toxicity.


Third, the diagnosis

1, the tattoo was inflammation, medications available antibiotics, hormones or anti-inflammatory and antiviral cream and the like, if the inflammation caused by bacteria, can be effectively controlled, such as ineffective or repeated hair do which may be pigmented poisoning.

2, after the tattoo has healed, usually after a period of time before onset, can be identified as pigment poisoning.


Fourth, misdiagnosis

1, the tissue swelling due to inflammation phenomenon generated when scar treatment.

2. Press the general dermatologist "atopic dermatitis" treatment.

3, the surgeon press "virus" or "bacterial infection" treatment.


Fifth, do not the correct approach

1, single-use drug desensitization though temporarily effective, but long-term invalid, because allergens are not removed.

2, one with antibiotics, hormones therapy, inflammation due tattoo poisoning caused by bacteria and viruses are not generated.

3, using a carbon dioxide laser and high-frequency electro-acupuncture, will produce semi-carbonized layer on the skin of hard scar tissue, making it more difficult deep tissue outgrowth without decree pigment discharge.

4, "empty needle wash eyebrow Law" is not desirable, since the depth of the needle can not be accurately controlled, if washed pigment deeper than the depth of the poison will be more wash more serious.

5, not with a YAG pulsed laser, because of its light and heat expansion of blasting have action and reaction, it is the color of shallow "fried" out but also put the poison into a deeper color.

6, some beauticians will make rapid wound healing using drugs or skin care products, which is more wrong approach, if rapid wound repair, infected pigment can not be discharged, but only deeper.

7, most can not use the word "eliminate scar injection" method, because it is an increase in inflammatory swelling rather than cells, when the needle hit the consumer scars, depressed scars will be left after the inflammation subsided.


Six treatment

1, with a special tool to open the skin, without damaging the piece of fibrous tissue, the operation is completed can not see obvious wounds.

2, do break down, free and bleaching, together with desensitization to control inflammation in the body to prevent cell swelling sensitive.

3, detoxification (specifically food coloring solution produced toxin), detoxification (detox no scars acne and the principle is the same), myogenic (deep cell outgrowth acceleration rate).


Seven, prevention is better than cure

1, does not use synthetic or chemical dyes refining, including the "food coloring" can be natural or pure bio-inorganic pigment.

2, before the operation to the customer to do a skin test for sensitivity to the sick and who do tattoo.

3, piercing the skin pigment, not too much or too dark.

4, customers complications after tattoo, beautician to give proper treatment as soon as possible.

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