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Li Haifu: efforts to promote Hong Kong's Integrative Medicine

Date:2015年11月28日 16:30


Now we apply it to people with diabetes surgery, because of the high sugar people surgery, the doctor is very worried about the wound is not healing. If normal, but also about three months, two to three months to heal. But after using our drug, he basically can all be healed in seven to ten days. So, this is a major contribution to mankind. If you live in a three-month fee and you live ten days of cost, it is the two concepts are not the same. That the state and the individual is a good contribution. You can let everyone at the same time relieve pain, relieve complications and side effects, it would also relieve a lot of loss of money. So, this is a great contribution to mankind. So, we hope to be able to carry it up. In fact, we also have something to do with the public good. For example, some poor, he can not afford to cure diabetes, foot rot badly. We have already started doing Songyisongyao behavior in Hong Kong. This thing, if it is really very necessary, we also cooperate with the military, our soldiers would not live long hospital before they can fight again.
And Reuters: This is part of a class of partial public good, and you will carry out this public service?
Lvhai Fu: Yes, we will have public welfare activities. This is the world has basically means that you have no money treatment, we can send, this is society. We invented such a good drug, but also very easy. Done thirty years, it registered as proprietary Chinese medicines in Hong Kong is a registered medicine, pharmaceutical companies also registered in Hong Kong, the drug is registered. This wants to bring such a good thing to the country, to share the majority of patients.
And Reuters: Now like this drug, in addition to our internationally this one, there are other stores have it?
Lvhai Fu: registration of proprietary Chinese medicines, it can cure diabetes foot, not cure, is to control, is healed, only this one. Printing will have some good things, but the registration of medicines, no.

And Reuters: that at the technical level is a very high-end technology it?
Lvhai Fu: Yes, it is entirely made of traditional Chinese medicine, without preservatives, nor any drug ingredients. Because one plus preservatives, for wound healing will have an impact. So we are using this high-end technology to extract, to produce and control. Hold preservatives, Chinese medicine is difficult to save, but we did it, no preservatives, not as bad.
And Reuters: You just mentioned, this is technically more advanced. But the drugs, how to do this technique to promote it? Our market development, how about it?
Lvhai Fu: The main market development plan is this. Because it is a registered medicine, so we will take some lines, hospitals, some of the plastic, and some beauty, in short, can the surgery. Then we will do some more popular now cross-border electricity supplier, our sea front, but also in which FTA, will participate in this way to promote, I hope you go a little more understanding, a little more to go take care of other friends.
And telecommunications networks: how to reflect on the market now what?
Lvhai Fu: Because we did thirty years thing. So the market, which reflects the professional line is good. Many people feel exhausted after this thing quite good. Because it can simultaneously control 80% of skin diseases, such as some children's eczema, diaper rash, heat rash, is a very good thing. In addition to the trauma it can cure diabetes large, you can also cure insect bites, burns, all tube, many skin diseases are resolved.
And Reuters: advantages we talked about so much. We also talk about this in the promotion of drugs will face how kind of opportunity or challenge? You feel.
Lvhai Fu: The Opportunities and Challenges may be like this. Because it is used in wound trauma inside, trauma surgery with basic Western medicine. But Western medicine to traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, in Hong Kong there is difficult. Because they are less in contact, it is not willing to learn. But the mainland side is good. Because our basic education is a double education, Chinese medicine, Western medicine has to learn from each other. Japan is also good, you can open medicine Western medicine in Japan. Taiwan is also good, Hong Kong is a little difficult. But the director of the Hong Kong Department of Health has a document, I also participated in the Hong Kong or Chinese medicine with Western medicine, integrative medicine. I was driving this technology project. If you do not do it because Hong Kong followed the traditional Chinese medicine, the future will be behind, at least, will lag behind South Korea and Japan.

And Reuters: Do you think in the show above can get some kind of knowledge?
Lvhai Fu: In fact, I have come to exhibition purposes, not how much you want to sell. The first is because it is organized by the Government. I would like to draw the attention of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, because after all, we are also SMEs in Hong Kong, is not a big business. Qianhai registered company, is a good look at the mainland market, and hope with the help of the various departments of Shenzhen local government, let us work together to achieve this good projects worldwide. Because on our own, really do not. Hong Kong government support is very limited, very limited. So, we hope that the Shenzhen government can help.
And Reuters: Professor Xie Xielv

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