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Product Introduction

    In recent years, with the repaid development of tattoo and beauty items, tattoos pigment poisoning, allergies, rejection syndrome are accompanied. There are often beautify accident related to tattoo seen in the media.

    What are pigment poisoning, allergies, rejection syndrome? Non-healing scab, redness and swelling, inflammation, blistering, hyperplasia, skin itching, peeling and other symptoms that not heal with long-term treatments appeared after tattoo, or above symptoms appeared after tattoo healing and non-healing after inflammation diminishing and treating, or reappearing after stopping the medicine are called pigment poisoning, allergies, rejection syndrome.

    After years of painstaking research, Angie Company developed the method of cleaning pigmented poisoning by detoxification and dissociation and introduced the product [Angie Pigment Decomposition and Dissociation and Detoxification Set], instrument and technology to cure complications of pigment poisoning, allergies, rejection syndrome and fix scar, pit, marks without surgery.

    This method is in the principle of no corrosion, no consuming and no damage to overall frame construction of tissue within the skin. It extracts the pigment out of the body by means of decomposition, dissociation and decolorization and accelerates the speed of deep cells to grow outside together with applying pure-vegetal drugs for desensitization, detoxification, tissue regeneration so that it can achieve rapid healing, non- redness, non-swelling, non-damaging to skin texture and non-scar. It can clean a variety of colors, and is applicable to repair complications of pigment poisoning, allergies, rejection syndrome, clean eyebrows, colored tattoo, and rapidly repair various scar, pit and pimples marks. Currently, it has relieved pain for a number of patients.

  • Name Of Commodity: Angie Pigment Decomposition and Dissociation and Detoxification Set
  • Commodity Numbers: 013

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