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Product Introduction

    The naevus is black brown, mostly round, as small as needle tip, and may link up into a single stretch. It is benign tumor on the skin due to increased melanophore rather than hyperpigmentation. Melanin deposing at the dermis is called dermis intradermal nevus; deposing between dermis and epidermis is called junctional nevus; and the naevus has the above two properties are called compound nevus. Since the naevus has melanin, it is also referred to as mole or pigmented nevus. Nevus cells increase with age because of its nevus cells. It will be stable only to a certain extent, and not be removed unless external means.

    The traditional method to remove the naevus requires high technology of the operators, and marks, scar and pit may be left on the skin in case of poor handling.

    Angie Non-scaring Naevus-removing Set (Naevus-removing Scream+ Anti- lesion Lotion + Non-scaring Naevus-removing Cream) adopts the latest nanometer separation technology, extracts CAS apoptosis protease from a variety of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients. It uses pure-vegetal naevus-removing formula, containing no hormones, antibiotics, allergen free. It can safely and quickly act on differentiated cell tissue, regulate the normal cell growth and metabolism, promote rapid apoptosis in diseased cells, repair damaged cells and involve in cell regeneration. It can be used to remove the black spots, moles on face.

    Naevus-removing Scream apoptosis protease extracted from a variety of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients can quickly act on the variant tissue, promote rapid apoptosis in diseased cells while without damaging the good cells.

    Anti- lesion Lotion: pure-vegetal naevus-removing formula applied to, quickly and safely acts on differentiated cell tissue, regulates the normal cell growth and metabolism and prevents pigment cells variability or diffusion due to stimulation.

    Non-scaring Naevus-removing Cream: pure Chinese medicine repair product, can repair damaged cells and involve in cell regeneration. It has the effects of rapid healing, resisting inflammation and infection, promoting granulation and eliminating scar, etc. It can also be used to avoid the scar after naevus removal.

  • Name Of Commodity: Angie Non-scaring Naevus-removing Set
  • Commodity Numbers: 009

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