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Product Introduction

    This product adopts international leading light biological therapy for regulating the flow of qi (vital energy) and promoting blood circulation, promoting nasal microcirculation. It makes the blood capillary in nasal cavity unblocked, redness and swelling inflammation and nasal obstruction disappeared, microcirculation accelerated and breathing unblocked.

    It is used to rapidly repair nasal mucosa, promote wound healing, reduce secretion’s generation and completely kill a variety of pathogens causing rhinitis. Nasal immunization system is started to enhance the adaptive immune disease resistance within the nose cavity.

    Angie Rhinitis Repairing Phototherapy Apparatus using in conjunction with Angie Nasal Care and Repair Set truly reaches the philosophy of green treatment, completely remedies the defects such as toxic side effect to the nasal cavity caused by long-term use of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs and inability of healing by other treatments (such as surgery). Rhinitis therapeutic instrument can desensitize and diminish inflammation with comprehensive health care, conditioning to improve the immune system. It is safe and reliable with perfect curative effect, can quickly eliminate nasal obstruction, rhinocnesmus, running nose, dry mouth, dry throat, sneezing, dizziness and other symptoms, effectively treat acute and chronic rhinitis , allergic rhinitis, hypertrophic rhinitis, sinusitis rhinitis, etc, making it easy for you to say goodbye to rhinitis troubles. Angie Rhinitis Repairing Phototherapy Apparatus can also purify the blood, help clear toxins and garbage in the blood and assist in balancing blood pressure.

  • Name Of Commodity: Angie Rhinitis Repairing Phototherapy Apparatus
  • Commodity Numbers: 011

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