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Product Introduction

This product is a beauty instrument [Luminescence Instrument] with the latest sole patent which is researched and developed by skin repair experts and optical and electrical experts.

Technology principle:Luminescence Instrument reduces and eliminates the “heat” energy that can burn the skin, and maintains the “force” in the light. The relative impact force of luminescence instrument is designed according to the maximum pressure that elasticity of the skin can withstand to make the acting force be equal to reacting force. The highly centralized “cold light” is able to penetrate the epidermis and reach deep dermis in the twinkling of an eye, break the color dyed on the cell membrane, and make two different substances separate without damaging the good skin.

Scope of application:it can be used to eliminate all kinds of tattoo pigment with different colors (including a variety of colors, variedness that can not be cleaned by the laser) and various dermal, epidermal pigmentations. It can achieve non-scar, non-marking truly. Your skin will be cleaned completely.

  • Name Of Commodity: Angie Computer Lens Luminescent Pigment Cleaning Beauty Instrument [Luminescence Instrument]
  • Commodity Numbers: 014

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