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Product Introduction

    Rhinitis and pharyngitis are not the general inflammation but a “non-specific tissue inflammation”, clinically known as “immortal cancer”, and have become the second major invisible killers of human health. Rhinitis and pharyngitis have caused a high degree of attention of the medical profession due to high morbidity, more complication and difficult recovery, etc.

    Symptoms of rhinitis:sneeze after getting up every morning, a stuffy, rhinocnesmus or running nose, a dizzy and absent mind. The nose is obstructed once in the room with air conditioner and stimulated by the cold air. Sneezing, running at the nose will cause people to be not in the mood to work.

    Causes of rhinitisPeople tending to frequent cold are easy to suffer from rhinitis, and people suffering from rhinitis are easy to catch colds. The nasal mucosa can not be healed for a long term if being damaged. A wide variety of bacteria and viruses in the air will grown and develop at the breakage to form nidus! The nose will often feel uncomfortable, such as nasal cavity dryness, nasal obstruction, nasal allergy and nasal pain, etc. If damaged nasal mucosa can not heal for a long time, rhinitis will be formed. Once getting the opportunity, the bacteria and viruses at nidus will extend upward to the head or deeply to the respiratory passage, often causing headache or cold.

    Rhinitis, pharyngitis hazards:Stuffy nose, sneezing, headache, memory loss, etc, resulted from rhinitis, pharyngitis plagues people’s work, reduces the quality of people’s life. More alarming is that they will be complicated by chronic tracheitis, bronchitis, nephritis, heart disease etc. Long - term inflammatory secretions swallowed into the stomach will cause indigestion, oesophagitis, gastritis, enteritis. Absorption of toxins can cause dizziness, headache, fatigue, decreased energy, weight loss, fever and systemic reactions. Chronic rhinitis can also cause or aggravate systemic disease, and even possible to induce nasal cancer.

     Nose is an important gateway for the respiratory system and closely linked with the natural world. Human can not stop breathing for a moment. To this end, please protect your noses.

    Angie Nasal Care and Repair Set adopt pure Chinese medicine preparation, containing no antibiotics, hormones and any western drug ingredients. External application can quickly repair damaged nasal mucosa, promote wound healing, improve nasal immunization system, enhance nasal internal self-healing ability, restore the nasal immune disease resistance of cavity itself so as to make a variety of pathogenic bacteria (to) loss living environment and heal the rhinitis.

  • Name Of Commodity: Angie Nasal and Care Repair Set [Angie Rhinitis Repair Four-piece]
  • Commodity Numbers: 010

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